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Compact and lightweight for easy transport.

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An electromagnetic based drill ideal for drilling metal work, the Alfra RB 35 B can produce holes up to 35mm in diameter through 50mm of material.

Where its not possible to bring the item to be drilled to the drill, bring the mag drill to the item! The Alfra RB 35 B weighs just 12.5kg making it highly portable and with its carry case its ideal to have in the van for when needed.


  • Approved 1.100W motor with grease gearbox
  • Self-adjusting guide rail
  • Soft-touch-handles for comfort
  • Ergonomic switch keypad
  • Solid 5m cable
  • Inlaid ferrules for perfect magnet protection
  • Supplied with 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Adjustable motor height on the slide, offering a variable stroke range for increased versatility.
  • Powerful yet small electromagnet, ideal for fitting in beam channels etc.